Year of the Golden Pig

Happy Chinese New Year – the year of the golden pig! Yesterday I joined in on a Chinese New Years celebration and had some tasty traditional Chinese cuisine (not the American style). I watched the participants make the food on-the-spot.Golden Pig

Update to post on too many boys in China: More bad news for Chinese men, especially those born this year. Apparently, the pig brings luck and the golden year brings luck, so this is an especially lucky year on the Chinese horoscope that only happens once every 60 years. As a result, there is a boom in China to have a baby this year in an effort to give the child “extra luck.” Unfortunately, with the one child per couple rule, this means that the boom will be followed by a lull. When these babies grow up, they will face immense competition in the school system and may perhaps not feel so lucky at that time. This only compounds the preference for a boy I discussed in an earlier post. Essentially, there will now be many boys of the exact same age competing for the same spots! Doesn’t sound like luck to me – more like frightening.

In other news, I watched the NBA all-star festivities yesterday. All the contests were fun to watch, but the best was the Charles Barkley – Dick Bavetta race. The commentating and build-up was hilarious. Today I helped set up a fabulous bagel brunch with the law school dean for JLSA this morning. I think people enjoyed it and we had just the right amount of food – nice execution!

Exercise: Yesterday I had a decent Oak Creek run and today I had a great workout at Arrillaga gym. I focused mainly on chest with bench (building up to 10 reps of 155 pounds), cable cross-overs, and dumbbells.



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