February? Really?


As of 2:30 pm, it’s 72.4 degrees here in sunny Stanford, California and the temps are still rising! Sure doesn’t feel like a mid-winter day. The skies area gorgeous blue and the air is clear. I’d call this Saturday in mid-February a gem – only in Cali! Before I get too comfortable in shorts and a t-shirt, forecasts are calling for a cool down starting tomorrow. Temperatures will first drop into the low 60’s and then rain will arrive by mid week with high temperatures forecasted to lower further into the mid and upper 50s.In other news, the draft for my paper on the Hydrological Impacts of Glacier Recession is nearly complete and the editing/finishing process will ensue. I’ve also got a tall stack of SEC filings to go through for my other research project on the implications of Chinese solar power companies with IPO offering in the United States.

Pumping Iron

Yesterday I had a great workout at Arrillaga gym working back muscles. I also worked in a little bicep work. There was nobody there in the evening and I just charged from exercise to exercise, dominating most of the time. I guess watching the movie, Pumping Iron with Arnold Schwarzenegger, has inspired me 😉


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