Weekday Review

I’ve been writing about mountain photography the past few days, so here is a little review of what has gone down this week here at Stanford.

I have made good progress on my research paper on the “Hydrological Impacts of Alpine Glacier Recession in the Pacific Northwest.” The emphasis of the paper is on the North Cascades region of Washington State. I have written a good chunk of the paper about the climate change problem and the harmful effects of glacial retreat on water supplies. Now, I just need to write the section on the innovations and conservation measures that will allow the region to adapt to the changing climate.

MisoExercise wise, I had a really good workout at Arrillaga gym on Tuesday working up to ten reps of 155 pounds on the bench. I felt pretty good and the rest of the workout was enjoyable. Yesterday, I hit the Oak Creek loop for a 48 minute run and felt relatively good. Today I felt tired and I have class early tomorrow morning so I decided to conserve energy, go to sleep early, and forgo the workout. Tomorrow I hope to go on a run and squeeze in a little workout at Arrillaga. After all, its the end of the week and the start of a three-day weekend!

Finally, I hit up Costco today (always worthy of a mention). I got the usual staple items and also picked up some miso soup mixes. I tried one when I got home and it was delicious. I knew it had to be good because it’s a product of Japan!


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