Top 10 North Cascade Summits for Photos

A list of the my top ten favorite summits in the North Cascades to take amazing photos. Click on the photo for a larger version. All photographs Copyright Leor Pantilat.

1. Luna Peak: Southern and Northern Picket Range

Luna Peak

2. Sentinel Peak: South to Chickamin Glacier, Dome Peak, Dana Glacier, and Spire Point

3. Austera Peak: West towards the McAllister Glacier, Klawatti Peak, Eldorado Peak, and Dorado Needle


4. Mount Logan: West to the massive Boston Glacier, southeast to the north face of Mount Goode


5. Sahale Peak: South to the Ptarmigan Traverse sea of peaks culminating in Glacier Peak

6. Snowfield Peak: South to the Eldorado Ice Cap and Backbone Ridge

7. Ruth Mountain: South to Icy Peak and Mount Blum; West to Mount Shuksan, Nooksack Glacier, and Price Glacier


8. Eldorado Peak: Southeast to Moraine Lake, Forbidden Peak, Mount Goode, and Boston Peak

Eldorado Peak

9. Mount Redoubt: South to the Picket Range; east to Mount Spickard and Mox Peaks

10. Forbidden Peak: All directions! East across the Boston Glacier, North to Eldorado Ice Cap, West to Mount Torment, and South Johannesburg, Glacier Peak, and Mount Rainier.



– Snowking Mountain: north and east to Cascade River Road peaks, south to Mutchler and Buckindy.

– Mount Triumph: northeast to the Southern Pickets

See the post on the top 10 photogenic North Cascade peaks.

All Photographs Copyright Leor Pantilat


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