Sleep and Sickness

Sleep is so important for health of the mind and body. When I don’t get enough sleep (8-9 hours), my head spins in the morning and my body is weakened. My immune system gets depleted and I am susceptible to colds. A textbook example of this was this past weekend. I had not been getting the requisite 8 hours of sleep the end of last week and then I stayed up very late both Friday night and Saturday night. The result is that I now have a cold. It’s annoying, but another lesson on how important it is for me to get quality sleep. Much to my dismay, the sickness has precluded exercise yesterday and today. Hopefully a great night of sleep will allow me to get back to the gym tomorrow. With that said, good night!


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  1. mrssveinson says:

    This is my standard make sure you are getting enough zinc response. I can’t help it. It’s a Dr Mom thing. Anyhow you can have up to 40mg a day. You can get flavored lozenges make sure they are not the cheapy ones, the ones that are too cheap usually taste gross. Feel better soon.

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