10 reasons why nightclubs can suck

Once in awhile clubs are fun – most times they are not. Here are some reasons why they suck on so many occaisons.

  1. Inadequate or unsanitary restroom facilities: lines and mess = really lame
  2. Crappy music: really kills the energy
  3. Expensive cover: I’d rather spend it on climbing or skiing
  4. Expensive drinks: there is no need for 1,000+% mark-ups
  5. 70/30: anything over the threshold where it’s 70% dudes to 30% girls is bad news – this is sadly quite common
  6. Spilt drinks: Either on my shirt or on a slippery wet floor
  7. Bouncers and/or staff who think they are something special: no power trips allowed!
  8. Superficial people: please, get out of my way!
  9. Overcrowding: Bumping into sweaty people I’d prefer to not touch
  10. Aggressive and/or annoying drunk people

I wonder why people keep going back to these places over and over again (I ask myself this question)?

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. Niklas says:

    Word! I seriously hate dance clubs. I don’t like dancing, I don’t like pretending I like dancing, I don’t like the superficial and the drunk people. If I wanna find a girl I don’t go into a night club. I meet nice, beautiful girls everywhere. But NOT night clubs. Has anyone ever found real love at a night club? I doubt it.

    1. Reynol Jr Sanchez says:

      I don’t blame you buddy, If I wanna meet a nice and beautiful girl. I meet her at school, church, or wherever in public. I wanna find a girl who doesn’t drink alcohol or go to late nightclubs.

  2. Dude from Chicago says:

    I love this list. Once a year I go to a club and I am quickly reminded how much I hate them.

    1. Completely agree. At a club on Saturday and the toilet was clogged with crap.

    2. I like a lot of electronic music, but the stuff they play at the clubs I have been to is generic and overplayed.

    3. I have paid a cover fee once at a club in Munich. It is the only time I would pay to go into a club.

    4. After the music, this is probably my second pet peeve about clubs and bars. I could chill with my friends and spend a lot less on beer. I could get a six pack of Fullers ESB or a 12 pack of Rolling Rock for the cost of two maybe three beers at a club.

    5. I have never experienced a sausagefest at a club. No comment.

    6. Never experienced this at a club. No comment.

    7. Never experienced this. Maybe my size (6 foot 2, 230 lbs. of muscle) and my “mess with me your ass is grass” facial expression when I feel I am being challenged or somebody is trying to intimidate me has something to do with it?

    8. Douchebags and douchebaggettes also get on my nerves. It seems that at least 70% of people in clubs are jerks/a-holes.

    9. Overcrowding is not fun. I don’t know how people can spend their time crammed into a tight little space and call it fun.

    10. Drunk people are extremely annoying if you aren’t drunk. Since it cost so much money to go to a club, I don’t get drunk, hence I get annoyed.

  3. robbie edmo says:

    this list pretty much vocalizes my thoughts. night clubs suck so much! i reckon if most people thought about it enough they would realise they hate it too! i bet most people only go because eveyone else does. and i bet everyone else goes because mtv told them to…

  4. TNT says:

    I have tried but I cannot like clubs …
    I rather spend time skiing or biking, anything outside crwoded places. You can get your crowding in tight business meeting, maybe some afterparties. But if you have ANYTHING other to do than to go to a club – do it. It will probably benefit you more anyways.

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