Movie Night

The Law and Business Society had the second installment of dinner and movie night. We watched Boiler Room and the people who came seemed to enjoy the movie and the tasty Thai food. Overall, I think it was a success.

ThaiphoonWe ordered the Thai food from Thaiphoon restaurant in Palo Alto and I highly recommend them. We had a great experience working with this restaurant. First, the food was delicious. The participants especially enjoyed the Chicken Pad Thai and the vegetable tofu basil dish. Second, they were very timely and professional. The food was ready when I arrived for pick-up and there was no complications in the billing transaction. Third, they were kind enough to provide us with plates, utensils, and serving spoons. This was a real help for us. Lastly, they are reasonably priced, allowing us to provide quality food without going over budget. I definitely plan on using for my future catering needs and also eating at the restaurant with friends.

Exercise: I ran the Oak Creek today putting in 48 minutes as usual. Tomorrow I want to hit Arillaga for a little weights and hopefully squeeze in a run as well.


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