The weekend has been mostly chill with lots of time doing nothing (i.e. music listening and web surfing). I need to hit the reading hard on Sunday. On Saturday night I saw Snakes On A Plane on DVD. It was decent for its entertainment and group-watching value and that was about it. It served its purpose though, so no complaints.

I ran on Saturday and felt sluggish, soar, and slow – not a very good feeling. It is not uncommon to be a little lethargic on the 4th or 5th run after a long break from running. The legs are usually fresh for the first few runs, but then the muscles need to get re-adjusted to daily usage. There is usually a period of soarness and then the legs feel light again. I hope I am just going through this cycle. Anyway, I actually ran a little longer than usual (56:30+) and loosened up slightly by the end. I intend on running again tomorrow, but we’ll see how the legs feel.


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