Arrillaga nice

I had a great workout at Arrillaga gym today. I mainly worked pecs with benching and cable cross-overs. On the bench I built up to 10 reps of 150 pounds. This is not my best, but pretty good for having not lifted in a while and last weeks sickness that left my muscles fatigue for 3 days last week. Arrillaga is such a great place, especially before 3 pm when I have most of the gym to myself!

It snowed again in the Seattle area. My house in Sammamish picked up another inch to go on top of what is still frozen to the ground. The temperatures did not warm as expected either with highs barely cracking the freezing mark (it was supposed to be 38). So, the very gradual warming trend is delayed another day, but I think it should start warming up soon. I know my mom is tired of the snow!

Tomorrow is a busy day with class at various times of the day from 8 am to 8 pm (plenty of break spaces in between). This will not be a typical Wednesday because the Monday classes were moved to Wednesday (to observe MLK day on Monday) and two of my Wednesday morning classes are being held anyway.


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