Seahawks Over

😦 The Seahawks’ season is over after Chicago won on a 49 yard field goal in overtime. Seattle had its chances, especially at the end of regulation, but it was not to be this season. I guess there is next season to look forward to and hopefully the team will not be riddled with as many injuries. I really dislike the Bears, but even if I try to look at the game from an unbiased perspective, I was not impressed. I sincerely hope they get crushed by the Saints next weekend. In fact, I hope the Saints win the super bowl.

I’m going to go take out some of my anger at this loss at the gym by lifting some weights.

Update: I felt much better in the gym today mainly working back muscles. Afterwards, I watched the second half of the Pats-Chargers game – at least the outcome of that game was what I had hoped for.  I have squandered the better part of this evening watching Ali G on YouTube. I think it’s time I actually get some reading in!


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