Light snow

Issaquah Snow

Tiger Mountain in Issaquah at Sun Down by Karin, Issaquah. I found this gorgous scene on KOMO TV’s weather photos page. I wish I could be at home to experience the winter wonderland.

In fact, it’s still snowy and cold in Seattle. My mom told me light snow fell for about 3 hours this afternoon at my house in Sammamish with around 3/4 of an inch new accumulation to go on top of the 6 inches from Thursday that has yet to melt. I always wished for such cold and snowy weather when I was young. The last extended cold period was way back in 1996!

Big weekend in the NFL. The first of four games is already over – the Colts-Ravens game was not so the most thrilling event. Hopefully the other matches will have some more offense!

I am feeling better today. I even rode my bike over to Whole Foods to pick some items. Maybe I will hit the gym for a light evening workout in an hour or so.

Update: Went to the gym and mainly worked shoulders and chest with dumbbells. As expected, I didn’t feel that great, but at least I did something with myself (it’s been a few days since I got sick). I can only look forward to feeling better tomorrow :). I noticed something that bothered me on the ride home – the sprinkler system was on. What a complete waste of water resources considering it was already below freezing outside and the days have been quite cool! Hopefully this was just an oversight but they should definitely think about not blatantly wasting resources.


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