Seattle Arctic Blast 2007

 Snow again!

Car pile-up

To add to the seemingly never-ending list of extreme weather in the Seattle area this winter, Western Washington got hit with another snow storm today and this evening. This event was eerily similar to the snows of November 27th, coming right during the height of rush hour in the Seattle metro area and followed by frigid modified arctic air freezing any snow/slush on the roads. Once again, the eastside communities, including my home in Sammamish, got hit particularly hard. The snow total at my house is around 6 inches. The images above are from the exit off Interstate 90 in Issaquah near Sammamish. The snow is only part of the story; more frigid air is following the snow promising to keep temperatures at or below freezing for the rest of this week and into the weekend (very unusual for the Puget Sound lowlands).

In other news, I have succumbed to sickness and don’t feel very well. Hopefully I can bounce back quickly.


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