Back in Cali

Winter break is officially over. Today was the first day of classes of the Spring semester. I went to one law school class in the morning and it was rough getting up for a class starting at 8 am (I think I’m going to have to drop it). The other two classes I went to were Stanford University courses outside the law school. I am going to take at least one of these courses, but I am not quite sure yet how my schedule will shake out.

The finale of my winter break was spent skiing at Whistler Ski Resort in British Columbia, Canada. It was an amazing 3 days of skiing and 4 nights at the village with my friends. We got deep powder skiing everyday. I skied Blackcomb on Friday and Whistler on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was the best weather day allowing us to ski the new Symphony Express on Whistler Mountain. That lift is absolutely awesome and opens up way more options! I can’t wait till the next time I return to ski Whistler/Blackcomb.


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