The portion of my winter break at home is coming to an end. It was a relaxing time and nice to spend some time with family. Tomorrow I head out to Whistler for some skiing and then fly back to Palo Alto to start the Spring semester of law school. It looks like there will be plenty of new snow during the weekend of skiing. I am pumped for some POWDER!

In the weather department, yesterday was a stormy day with heavy rain and strong winds. Today was a relative break from the action, but as I mentioned above, a series of storms are due to move in Friday through next Tuesday.  In another development, there is potential for some much colder air to move into Western Washington by mid next week. I wouldn’t call it an arctic blast just yet, but there are indications that mother nature may throw Seattle another weather extreme, this time in the cold department. Of course, cold air is finicky around here and usually doesn’t materialize to the degree forecasted, but if anything, forecasts have underestimated events this winter season. I will be back in California next week, but you know I will be following the developments 🙂


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