Good workout

Today I had a good workout at Klahanie gym with my mom. Yes, I worked out with my mom – it’s true – but she is a great partner! She is a world record holder at the bench press for her weight and age group (203.7 pounds for a 112 pound, 54 year old). My mom is also a personal trainer on the side when she has time between being a nurse and helping out with my neice. So, she really knows her stuff and it’s always great when I get to workout with her.

On Monday we worked the chest and today we worked the back muscles. She pushed me harder than I usually go and we did a ton of sets on various exercises for a great workout. After the weightlifting, I also ran on the treadmill today for 35+ minutes. It was good to get the legs moving again after a week hiatus from running.

As far as the weather goes, it has been a calm week around here, but the rains have returned. It has also been rather chilly, but maybe this is because everything feels cold after being in California. It is supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow, but Friday promises to provide a break before the next rain system moves in on Saturday. If the forecast holds, I will take advantage of it and head to Stevens Pass for some skiing. I get a discount in conjunction with my Whistler Edge Card and it shouldn’t be too crowded on Friday. I am pumped!


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