Windstorm Clean-up

The 2006 windstorm has had some major impacts, especially here on the eastside. Finding gas and perishable foods was a challenge for several days. However, things are generally getting back to normal around here as more neighborhoods and businesses regain electricity.

We finally got our power back in Sammamish after four days and some very chilly nights (temps in the mid-20’s). Yesterday our very kind neighbor helped us out and cut down the tree over our driveway with his chainsaw. We can now drive in and out of our house. The uprooted tree did destroy a chunk of the irrigation pipes so we still need to repair that. I also noticed a tree behind our house precariously leaning over. Removing this tree is definitely a priority because its fall path runs into our kitchen!


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  1. Eric says:

    Leor — nice to ‘meet’ a fellow Stanford alum. I was on the Farm in the early and mid 90’s (M.S. ’93, Ph.D. ’97). I scanned a few of your blogs about runs to the Dish, which I remember doing 10+ years ago. I now live in Fall City, only a few miles from your home in Sammamish.


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