Fallen Tree Photos

This evening the tree service came and removed another tree that was leaning over our house. I guess after they took a look at it, they decided it was high priority – it wouldn’t have taken another storm to knock it down…

Here are some photos of the tree that fell over our driveway before it was removed. Click for larger images.

Fallen Tree 1

Large douglas fir tree totally uprooted. 12/16/2006

Fallen Tree 2

Tree over our driveway blocking the way out.

Fallen Tree 3

My dog Pepe taking a look at the totally uprooted tree. 12/16/2006.


Sunrise after a cold night without power (one of three). The Olympic Mountains were particularly red due to the smoky air caused by everyone burning fire wood to stay warm after the windstorm. 12/17/2006.


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