One down

First final complete, three more to go. Now it’s time to start studying for the next one – a 4 hour corporations exam bright and early Monday morning at 8:30 am. It definitely does not feel like a weekend, but the George Strait tunes are helping 🙂

Exercise: yesterday I squeezed in a back workout at Arrillaga gym just so my muscles wouldn’t forget how to lift. What I do today remains to be seen. I guess it depends on when it starts raining and if can motivate myself to get out and run before that happens.

Update: My weather radar skills were perfect today. I went out on a 48 minute Oak Creek run and finished about two minutes before the heavy rains began. The run itself was awesome! Once again, I covered more ground on the Oak Creek loop than I ever have. I guess I wanted to be near the building in case the rain started a couple minutes earlier. It turns out the rain held off until I finished adding allowing me to add on to the loop to get to 48 minutes.


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