Crunch Time

With one day of studying before finals begin, I am beginning to realize the time constraints and gravity of four exams over the course of one week. I don’t mess with stress, but I must admit the S-level is rising for me a bit. Oh well, it will be over next Friday at 12 noon. I plan on doing my best and using the time available to study as much as I can (fully knowing this is not as much as time as I would like). Tomorrow (Friday) the plan is more studying and a review session for my first final, which is on Saturday at 9 am.

Exercise: I blasted an Oak Creek run today – definitely my fastest tour ever of that loop. I had to tack on quite a bit at the end to reach 48 minutes. Tomorrow I plan on hitting Arrillaga gym for some back weights.


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  1. I just got caught up reading all your blog posts from November 24th. They are all very entertaining. Good job and good luck on all your finals.

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