Last Day of Classes

Classes for the semester (and 2006) are over. I had my last class this evening. I celebrated by hitting up Chipotle with some friends for a tasty burrito. Aside from a review session Friday morning, its all finals from here on out – with Friday the 15th circled a billion gazillion times – the day of my last final. So little time and so much to study, oh well, I try my best…

Exercise: A busy day today so no gym or run, but tomorrow there is nothing but studying and I can carve out an hour or two for exercise at any time, so no excuses. Yesterday I had a great workout at Arrillaga with a bench session building up to 10 reps of 155 pounds. I also did some cable cross-overs and other odds and ends. I definitely don’t have as much time for the exercise program these days, which sucks, but I can sacrifice a week or two and then come back at it even stronger!!

Whistler, baby!!

Whistler baby!!


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