After a miserable first half, the Seahawks somehow stepped it up in the fourth quarter to pull out another uncomfortably close game against the Denver Broncos (@ Denver). Josh Brown came through again with a clutch 50 yard field goal as time expired. While the win was nice, Seattle’s offense is still not quite the well-oiled machine it was last season. Hopefully it can continue to improve. The defense was pretty good today, though, so that is definitely a positive aspect.

Today I mainly studied for exams and did laundry. I went to a holiday party this evening at a professor’s house which was fun.

The streak of nice weather here at Stanford (65 degree high temperatures and clear blue skies) continues. I took advantage of it and went on a Oak Creek run (the usual 48 minutes). I cruised it – big time! I covered more distance than I ever have in the allocated time. As a result, my legs are abit tired this evening, but I cooked and ate a ton of chicken tenders to give my muscles the protein they need!

Tomorrow is a normal Monday. My last day of classes is Wednesday. Then, I have two free days to study for my first exam which is on Saturday. That test is followed by exams on both Monday and Tuesday. The show ends December 15, twelve days from now. At that point, everything I will have crammed into my brain will be discarded and I can exclusively think about snow, skis, and powder!!


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