On Thursday I saw Mel Gibson’s new movie Apocalypto in a pre-screening. I thought the movie was very entertaining, essentially a Gibsonesque film in a new and unique setting.

Once the action started to roll, it was non-stop thrill until the end. The movie is nearly 2.5 hours long, but I was gripped by the film the entire time. The protrayal of the Mayan civilization, well in its decline at the time period in which the film is set, is quite barbaric and the movie is therfore very brutal in its display of violence, blood, and gore. Gibson details all of this in great detail that will surely appeal to those who like action. On the artsy side, I thought the on-site filming in the rainforest was amazing. The movie was actually delayed four months because of heavy rains. Gibson also did a great job making the film feel authentic. While the actors are all relatively unknown, I thought they did a great job, especially the lead actor, Rudy Youngblood. Youngblood, or “Jaguar Paw,” essentially carried the film from start to finish and played the role magnificently. Overall, the movie is well worth watching and a great action-thriller.

Exercise: I did the same exact run yesterday and today (Oak Creek). While the speed was good yesterday, I felt out of it until the last quarter of the run. Today I felt good the entire time. Tomorrow I plan on heading to Arrillaga gym for some weights.


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