Snow in Seattle!

Qwest Field

AP Photo/John Froschauer

Yup, after a month of non-stop rain and wind, the month of November is closing out with snow in Seattle. The rain has been so continuous, even by Seattle standards, that November has become the all-time wettest month on record at the Sea-Tac Airport weather station (since 1948). Now, it’s snow and cold. After snowing all afternoon, it is still snowing at my house in Sammamish (a suberb to the east of Seattle). There is already several inches on the ground and I am told the roads are very icy. On top of the snow, it’s supposed to be very cold relative to the 40 and rain Seattle usually gets – forecasted highs barely crack 30 degrees tomorrow!

It just happened to be that this evening’s snow was timed perfectly for the Monday Night Football game between the Seahawks and the Packers at Qwest Field. This was the first time it has snowed during a game since the Hawks began playing at Qwest Field five years ago. The scene looks more like Green Bay and not Seattle! The game was also a fun one to watch. I was definitely nervous in the first half, but Hasselbeck came through in the second and Shaun Alexander showed that he can still run, and that he did, for 201 yards!! I hope the Seahawks can carry the momentum, especially from the second half, into the remaining five weeks of the regular season.

Exercise: I finally got out on a run today. It was pretty good, but my legs definitely felt the lack of running the past few days afterwards.


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