The Pump

Check out this hilarious clip from the “Pumping Iron” movie about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s bodybuilding on YouTube. I laugh every time I see it!

Today I officially started studying for exams (as opposed to just doing the reading for the upcoming classes). I’m starting with Trademark (my last final) and I made some good progress today. I hope to wrap up an outline for trademark class tomorrow and start on one for patents tomorrow. It requires an immense amount of motivation to get started (it took my 4 hours today!), but once I get started and I am pretty focused and can actually get some work done for an extended period of time.

Exercise: After being soooo lazy yesterday and for most of today, I got up and went to Taper Center to work out. I had a great workout busting the Country tunes and building up to 10 reps of 155 pounds (remember I don’t weigh much over 130). The 10 reps of 155 felt pretty good and I think I may be ready for 160 or even 165 with a spotter soon. I also did some bicep curls and some incline bench to round out the workout. Hopefully I’ll get a chance (or motivate myself) to run tomorrow, but the daylight hours are so short right now! I am also a bit congested for some reason, so taking the past few days off from running may let this little sinus issue pass.


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