10 ways email can suck

Communication via email has many advantages, but it can suck too, especially in certain contexts. We’ve all had at least one of the following happen:


1. Wordy and long emails.

2. Cryptic emails with too many abbreviations.

3. Spam and unsolicited advertising.

4. Excessive announcements on email lists.

5. A person hits “reply all” to a large list when the message is only directed to one or a few people.

Clock Ticking6. Someone who has multiple email addresses listed, some of which are never or rarely checked.

7. A person who waits to respond to an email for no reason.

8. Someone says “email me at this address” and then they don’t check and/or respond.

9. A person who says they are going to respond when asked if they read the message and they still don’t.

10. Someone who doesn’t respond to emails, period!

Email me at pantilat@stanford.edu and I promise I will respond to legit ones.

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