What? Are you kidding me?

There were a couple time today when I asked myself “What? Are you kidding me?”

I was on a run this afternoon on the campus loop and some dude on a road bike comes up behind me shouting all kinds of profanity and telling me to go on to the other side of the street. Yes, I am fully aware that runners should run opposed to traffic. However, this idiot obviosly didn’t realize that this part of the campus loop goes alongside the road on the huuuuuuge shoulder for a mere quarter of a mile (the other part is a separate paved path). Let’s see here, would it be better to run along the huuuuge shoulder with traffic for a quarter mile and not have to cross a busy road, or should we (as the asshole biker would have it) force runners and walkers to cross the busy road not just once, but twice! GIVE ME A BREAK!

Other than that, the run was quite fantastic. I did the Oak Creek run watchless so I’m not sure what total time it was, but I imagine it was somewhere around the usual 48 minutes. I also lifted at Arrillaga gym this evening focusing on back muscles and that was a good workout too.

Moreover, I found a good deal for lodging at Whistler, utilizing my proud status as a Washingtonian. I am going to make the booking tomorrow. Furthermore, I found out that as part of this deal, Washingtonians get a sizable discount at a local ski area, Stevens Pass. I can’t wait!!

Oh, the other “What? Are you kidding me?” came after I found out that I bombed the midterm for corporations. I don’t know how it happened, but it did. I set a low bar for myself to do better on the final (if I do better, the midterm is waived). This isn’t the end of the world because I have a feeling I will do better on the final and the midterm will get thrown out, but I am worried the test will be structured similarly. Right now, am contemplating using a 3k (pass/fail designation)… Stay tuned. This has been a wake-up-call, forcing me to start thinking about clamping down the next few weeks in preparation for exams.


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