NFL Sunday

NFL Sunday is a great thing! Unfortunately, many of outcomes were not what I had hoped for this week. First, the Seahawks played horrible. It is tough to believe Shaun Alexander was an MVP last year – they are paying this guy million so dollars to get one yard per carry. I know, he’s coming back from an injury, but why even play him if he is going to be totally unproductive? So, not a happy day for the Seahawks – I am sure Mike Holmgren will have some things to think about this week. Second, a ton of other teams I was pulling for lost, including the Browns (Steelers won) and the Broncos (Chargers won). One of the bright spots was the Dallas Cowboys’ victory over the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts really hadn’t been playing like an undefeated team prior to today so I was happy to see Dallas set the record straight. The other good outcome was the Cincinnati Bengals victory over the Saints with Chad Johnson playing amazing football once again.

Other than NFL (and a small quantity of reading), I had a great run of the Dish today. I covered the loop, gate-to-gate, in 20:45 seconds as part of the usual 46 minutes of running. I felt great and the weather was very nice for a run this afternoon with temps in the mid 60’s and a filtered sunshine. Arrillaga gym actually closes early this entire week because everybody but the law school has the entire week off. I could go to Taper again for back exercises, but I ate so much delicious Indian food at the Studio 2 dinner that I can barely move. There was so much extra I got a ton of the leftovers in my fridge to eat over the next couple days.


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