Taper Center

Today I set out for a workout at Arrillaga Gym this evening to find that it had already closed. It’s supposed to be open until 8 pm on Saturdays, but it closed at 6 pm for some reason today. So, I went to the “law student only” gym at Taper Center. The equipment is old and there are less options, but the basics are all there and you can get a pretty good workout. Also, there is the added bonus of a stereo on which you can blast the music of your choice. I went with country today 🙂

Anyway, I had a great workout on the bench. I built up to 10 reps of 155 pounds. The sets were as follows: 15×95, 12×115, 10×135, 10×145, 10×150, 10×155. I know, this is many sets. The peak set of 155 pounds was 20-25 pounds over my weight, equaling my best ever 10-rep max. I did some incline benching and some dumbbell work to round out the workout.

Other than the workout, I am not sure where the time flew. I did a little reading, but mostly just sitting around and watching tv. I did bike to Whole Foods to pick up some items and tried returning a cheap can open to Long’s Drugs. I had bought the can open at a different Long’s and they didn’t carry the line at this one, so they refused. I was even willing to replace it with the brand they had at the store. Let me just say I was a little annoyed by their customer service.

More of the same tomorrow, except I plan on running at some point.


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