Big Break Coming Up

A normal first couple days of the week with normal classes and normal reading. I am making some headway on my research paper on the mountaintop coal mining cases which is good. My partner and I present our topic to the class this Thursday which should be fun. I am excited for the Thanksgiving break – I only have class Monday and Tuesday next week. Thus, after class this Thursday, I have 8 free days out of 10 – that is pretty sweet! The whole idea of a long break and pumpkin pie has made me in a festive mood right now so here is a Thankgiving-type picture:


What is not so sweet is that I need to start studying for finals which are fast approaching. I can’t believe the first semester is already in wind-up mode. At least after finals are over, I can focus on skiing 🙂

The exercise happenings for the past two days:

Monday: I lifted weights at Arrillaga, featuring the bench, cable cross-overs, and other chest exercises.

Tuesday: A good Dish for lunch (46+ minute run, the usual) and then I lifted weights this evening at Arrillaga focusing on back muscles.

Tomorrow I plan on either running or lifitng (not both) because I am two busy to come through with the double on Wednesday’s…


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