Ski Season Already?

Today I had a great run of the Dish loop, running gate-to-gate in 20:50, my first official time under 21 minutes. The weather was perfect with temps in the mid-50’s and very little wind. I love running when it’s so nice outside! The total run time was just about 46 minutes (the usual, because I added on a little at the end). After the run, I hit Arillaga Gym for a some ab exercises and a little biceps. It was packed in there – fortunately I wasn’t doing a more substantial workout.

I can’t beleive some ski areas in Washington are opening next week. Crystal Mountain is forecasted to open on the 15th and Mount Baker the 16th. After recieving straight rain last week, the pattern has switched from warm to cool, but the moisture flow continues. The result: snow is piling up fast. All this talk of skiing makes me want to get out there and hit those STEEP and DEEP lines!

Check out this snowy scene from Whistler Village yesterday – I LIKE!

I’ve got lots of reading to do, so it’s time to hit the books for a bit.


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