Junior High Flashback

Yesterday the Stanford Law and Business Society dinner and movie night was a success. I think the people enjoyed the movie and burritos. It was a pain to organize, though, since it seemed like everything went wrong. But, the bright side is that there are some burritos left and next time it will definitely go smoother! Today, I woke up very late – it felt good to get a good solid 10 hours of sleep 🙂

I ran the Oak Creek loop today and felt extra good pushing it the fastest I have done in a long time. My legs are tired now, but they felt all fresh like I was in Junior High on the run. In fact, I felt like I was in Junior High on more than just the run today – soooooooo nervous! It may as well have been a giant crowd in an arena – way to go Leor…

I’m going to Arrillaga right now to lift some weights. Take care peeps.


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