Borat Speaking Hebrew

Election Results = πŸ™‚ , πŸ™‚ one for the House, and one for the Senate!

I saw the movie Borat yesterday and it was ridiculous as expected, almost borderline too ridiculous. I’ve seen many of the Borat clips on and thought there were some hilarious moments. The movie is basically more of the same – an amalgamation of funny skits. I found it ironic that a rabid anti-Semite like Borat was actually speaking Hebrew the entire film whenever he wasn’t speaking English. I speak Hebrew so I picked up on it right away. Of course, I realize that the actor, Sacha Baron Cohen, is a Jew and spent time in Israel. I bet it’s his way of giving Hebrew-speakers who see the movie one extra laugh! All in all, this movie can be summed up by the word ridiculous and is sure to give laughs, but if you can’t handle outrageously offensive, then it’s not for you.

Exercise: I ran in between classes yesterday, but felt a little tired. It was one of those runs where I felt like the wind was against me the entire way. Oh well, I know I can’t blast every run. Tomorrow I plan on going to Arrillaga gym.


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  1. Dave says:

    I just saw the film too, in Amsterdam (Holland). I also speak Hebrew ans also think he spoke Hebrew to give us an axtra laugh!
    I hade a great time during the entire film!!!

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