George Stait is Awesome!

George performing

Caption: George Strait performs “Give It Away” at the 40th Annual CMA Awards in Nashville, Tenn. Monday, Nov. 6, 2006.

George Strait was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame on Monday, November 6th. He is well deserving with 53 number one hits, more than any living artist of any genre (second only to the late Conway Twitty with 55 number one hits). George is a living legend and this is why he is sometimes referred to as King George. He has been so consistent with amazing hits throughout his 25 year run at the top of the charts and there is nothing to indicate he is slowing down.

George Strait

In fact, Strait’s awesome new album, “It Just Comes Natural” has already produced one #1 hit, “Give it Away.” Let me tell you, this new album is awesome – some of the best George Strait material in years (and that is saying a lot). This album has 15 songs which is more than usual, but George said he liked them all so he kept them on the album. My favorites off the new album:

  • Wrapped
  • It Just Comes Natural
  • Give It Away
  • She Told Me So
  • Why Can’t I Leave Her Alone
  • Come on Joe
  • A Heart Like Hers

George may be moving into the greatest #1 hit musician of all time in the near future with such great songs. His music was one the reasons I got into country in the first place and he remains my favorite country artist. Thanks for the music!


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