Seattle Soaker

Classic Seattle

A classic winter-in-Seattle image from Komo TV.

A real gully-washer is shaping up in Seattle. After an incredibly dry summer, the rains of the Pacific Northwest have come on hard. It has already rained for the better part of the last three days, but the system bearing down on the region promises to bring even heavier rain and wind. The weather pattern is idyllic for torrential rains and is known as a “pineapple express” because of the tropical connections of the moisture source. This is why it’s forecasted to be a balmy 60 degrees in Seattle tomorrow with snow levels at 12,000 feet, so everything that falls in the mountains is rain. With 6-10 inches of rain forecasted in the mountains, there is nowhere for the water to go but down into the streams and rivers causing flooding. A similar set-up occurred in 2003 causing massive destruction in the North Cascades and the this storm has the potential to be even worse. Could it be the 100 year flood? That’s a pretty tall order. Floods are not uncommon in the Pacific Northwest, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Meanwhile, my mom tells me it is still raining…

Exercise: Yesterday I did another Oak Creek run and felt good again for 48 minute total. Today I went to Arrillaga for some benching and chest weights. It was a great workout building to 10 reps of 145 pounds, some fun cable cross-over action, and other exercises.


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