My usual class-free Friday was not to be this week. A make-up class for Lawyering for Social Change featured a field trip to Communities for a Better Environment in Oakland with a 7:30 am wake-up. It was interesting to hear about the work they do and I enjoyed the trip. After the drive back to campus, I transitioned immediately to a make-up Corporations class. Now that all that business is over I am just sitting around listening to country music. I feel tired and I still have some sinus issues from a cold. The worst part about being sick for me is the plugged ears. They are the first things to clog up and the last to clear up. I think it’s hereditary in my family to have small ear canals that get clogged up easily. Anyway, I am hoping for them to pop open soon.

I need to motivate myself for exercise soon. Yesterday I had a good workout at Arrillaga with some benching and other fun. I am tired of the diet exercise program!!

Update: The exercise program went back into full throttle (at least for this afternoon) as I went on a run AND lifted weights at Arrillaga. For still being a bit clogged, the run was actually very good. I felt nice and smooth doing the Oak Creek run with 48 minutes total running. I then went to Arrillaga gym to do back weights this evening and felt good as well. I don’t plan on another double tomorrow, but I’ll just see how I feel.


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