Foothills Trail Run

Today I went on a sweet run at Foothills Park with a law school friend. It was awesome! I am happy I finally got to see some of the cool trails in the area. We ran up the hills I look at while running the Dish. These hills are much bigger than the Dish and the view form the top was gorgeous. The run started out with a steep hill that had me breathing, but then mellowed out for a few miles. Then, a really long, but mostly gradual hill went up a ravine and then to the top of the ridge. From here, we took a nice track down the hill with views of Stanford and the bay the whole way back down to the car. The trails were awesome and engaging and it was nice to have a contrast of running both in heavy forest and open, scrubby ridges. The run was 56 minutes long and my first time running three days in a row in a long time. Unfortunately, I have a soar throat and I imagine this will lead to a little sickness. I am confident that it was from being cold after the Halloween party on Saturday night – my costume was not appropriate for chilly nights! Oh well, I will rest as much as I can and drink lots of tea…

In other news, pre-registration for next semester has already started. Law School is really picking up pace now! Unfortunately, many of my preferred courses involve a lottery, so I won’t be able to pin down my schedule for awhile.


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