Payoff Run

Today I had the pleasure of having a great run – a payoff run. The weather was perfect on this crisp autumn day, complete with beautiful clear skies and a light breeze. I did the Oak Creek run, putting in 48 minutes of running. It’s not that I necessarily blasted it, I just felt really smooth, strong, and in-form the entire time. I call these runs payoff runs because the great feeling you get (“runners high”) makes up for the many days when there are aches or general crapiness. Great runs don’t come along every day, but when you get one, it’s sweet.

Yesterday I worked chest at Arrillaga, building up to 10 reps of 145 pounds. I haven’t been benching as much these days because I have added other excercises to my repotoire to mix it up, but I still feel pretty good in there on the bench. After the weightlifting, I went to the much ballyhooed Law School Halloween Bash. It was a fun party and I enjoyed it. I went as Tom Cruise from Risky Business – no further elaboration necessary. It felt like the night flew by and I defnitely would have enjoyed more party…


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