Summer Job

I know, it’s not even November, but yesterday I got a summer associate offer from a great firm and I am excited for the experience. I interviewed a lot in Seattle and in the Silicon Valley area, but I realized that the best place for the type of work that is of most interest to me is here in Palo Alto. Specifically, I am interested in emerging companies, technology, and venture capitalism. The Silicon Valley is the heart of technology and innovation, so there is no better place to be a part of many high-level and sophisticated deals/transactions and gain valuable experience. While I won’t be at home for a big chunk of the summer, there is plenty to do around here and I like my living situation right now (which I can hopefully continue into the summer). Also, the commute would be negligible here while Seattle (living at home) would involve around 2 hours of travel time a day. Overall, I think it’s a great situation!

Mark and I conducted our second interview yesterday for our mountaintop coal mining research project. It was another sweet interview and it was great to see a different perspective on the strategy and political climate.

Exercise: Yesterday I came through with the double – run and gym. The run was definitely an up-and-down affair. I started out too fast and my tank emptied out at 30 minutes and running become uncomfortable for the next 10+ minutes. I recovered by the end and the run still ended up being one of my fastest for the route (Oak Creek). Total time was 48 minutes. After the run, I ate and wasted lots of time. In the evening, I went to Arrillaga gym for some shoulder and bicep weightlifting. It was a good workout and I am probably going to go to Arrillaga gym today to work chest.


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