Time Flies!

Time flies! It feels like I just finished last week and now this week of classes is finished. I guess it’s a factor of my overall business. It’s just like undergrad in that every semester feels like it goes by faster. There is basically a little over a month left of classes and then finals. Fortunately, I will actually have a winter break this year (unlike last year when finals were after winter break). The first interview for our mountaintop coal mining research paper was awesome. I have immense respect for the lawyers who fight for that cause. Their work is essential and their work is real, they aren’t just talking about doing things. We’ve got a second interview tomorrow, so that should be fun and interesting.

Exercise: I told you I’d make up for yesterday’s lack of anything physical. Today (Thursday) I ran the dish in the afternoon and felt so-so in the beginning, but I pushed anyway and went 21:20 gate-to-gate. The total run was 46+ minutes with a loop around Lagunita and I felt more loose by the end of the run. Then, this evening, I went to Arrillaga to work back muscles. I fortified myself with food between the activities and took a few hours rest, so I felt strong in the gym – just how I like it đŸ™‚


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