10 Law Classroom Annoyances

A list of things I have found annoying in class. I am only minimally annoyed by any one of these and I think they are funny 🙂

1. Somebody asks a question that is so long that neither me nor the person posing the question can remember what the beginning was.

2. I ask a question to somebody and they respond by asking a question back to me.

3. When answering a question in class, a student incorrectly or incoherently answers the question and then we move on and I have no idea what the right answer is.

4. Hypotheticals that are way too long.

5. A student who neither answers nor poses a question when called upon by the professor after raising his/her hand.

6. Somebody who talks more than the professor during the course of a class.

7. A student who answers a question from another student obviously directed at the professor.

8. Whenever we parse statutes.

9. Classes that run significantly over allocated time.

10. A student who has his/her hand raised for an extended period of time.

Many of these characterisitics embody a person known simply as a “gunner!”


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