Alpine Club Slideshow

Yesterday I gave a slideshow for the Stanford Alpine Club. The show included 400 of my photos from climbs in the Cascade Mountains last summer (primarily North Cascades National Park). I talked about fast and light climbing along with the impact of climate change on the mountains. I think the people who came enjoyed it. I know I enjoyed giving the slideshow!

Here is a photo I showed:


More photos can be found on my 2006 highlights page.

Other than the slideshow, I am generally busy this week. I’ve got two phone interviews lined up for the mountaintop removal coal mining research paper on Thursday and Friday and I am trying to organize the first event of the year for the law and business society. This is in addition to the usual healthy dose of reading, class, and exercise (of course). I am also waiting to hear back from firms I interviewed with and the anticipation is intense – I just hope I get an offer!

Exercise: Yesterday I lifted at Arrillaga after my slideshow working back muscles. Today I ran 48 minutes and felt nice and light (Oak Creek Run) and then followed it up with some light weightlifting at Arrillaga (various muscles, but mostly chest).


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