Cali Coast

Lovers Point
View of Lover’s Point, Pacific Grove, CA (Photo by Jim Finney)

I just got back from an awesome weekend at my sister’s new residence in Monterey, CA. It was a fun time and I enjoyed touring the sights of Monterey and neighboring town, Pacific Grove. The weather was beautiful with just enough marine influence to keep temperatures in check. One of my favorite parts was running along the ocean shore this afternoon. The setting of the run was fantastic, complete with picturesque rock outcroppings, wind-shaped trees, sea gulls, and seals. I ran past Lover’s Point (photo above) and Point Pinos, the tip of the Monterey Bay penninsula. Total running time was 47 minutes. An added bonus was the fact that virtually all of the run was on cinder or dirt/sand trails.

I even saw the historical Point Pinos lighthouse. According to the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History, “Point Pinos is the oldest continuously operating lighthouse on the West Coast. Since February 1, 1855, its beacon has flashed nightly as a guide and warning to shipping off the rocky California coast.”

Point Pinos

Talli and David, thanks for the great weekend!


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  1. Nice post! Glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

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