Friday, I completed my last callback interview and it was fun to talk and have a nice lunch. Now it’s just a waiting game for the offers. After the interviewing, I went to Arrillaga gym to unwind. I had a good workout working mainly shoulders. Unfortunately, the air conditioner was broken or not working properly and it was like a sauna in there. They opened the doors to the outside, but it was hot and it just felt like there was no oxygen in the room. I guess this allows those a little out of shape to simply sweat off the pounds 🙂

Friday evening I got a ride down to Monterey to visit my sister. We had some delicious Ghiradelli hot chocolate at the company store on Canary Row and then toured the nightlife of Monterey. The ocean breeze of clean air was refreshing and we could hear the seals in the evening. I also got to feast on my sister’s delicious Millet Bread, always organic and always made from scratch. The Millet Bread is kinda like Corn Bread, but much healthier. In fact, Millet is one of the healthiest grains – so tasty, I would have never guessed!

Tomorrow (Saturday) we will do some walking along the beach and visit some stores, among other things. I am pumped!

Thursday: I was distracted on yesterday’s post (and perhaps too emotional), but I ran the Dish loop yesterday and felt much better than earlier in the week. The loop took about 21:30 minutes gate to gate and the rest of the run felt smooth. I followed the run up with some back weights at Arrillaga gym.


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