Law and Balance

I hear it is tough to be in a big law firm and have work-life balance. I understand it will be difficult and I fully expect long hours and hard work. I am not kidding myself. I intend on fulfilling my obligations at work and becoming a successful lawyer, wherever that may be. However, I still plan on continuing my outside interests, whether it be mountain climbing, running, or skiing.

My mom seems to think all of my interests outside of law need to be sacrificed and that’s just plain ridiculous. I am especially talking about mountain climbing. I have always been passionate about climbing mountains, but it has never been the focal point of my life. It has always been something I have accommodated when I have time. People allocate their free time differently, I decide to climb.

Climbing is probably my favorite thing to do and I plan on using my free time to pursue it in the future. My mom seems to think I am obsessed about climbing, when in fact I don’t do it at all for 9 months of the year! She believes I am immature because I enjoy climbing. She thinks climbing will “take me down” in every other aspect of my life – that I will never be able to have long term relationships with anybody, that I won’t be successful at work. She employs these scare tactics every time I go on a climb and even every time I mention climbing. For one reason or another, she objects to every single trip and it just gets annoying. I still go for the most part and I regret the times I don’t go just because of her tactics. I guess she wants me to just sit at home all the time and do nothing. That’s just not my personality.

I love my mom a lot and I am grateful for everything she has given me, but it just seems like she is imposing herself upon me and trying to micromanage my life. I don’t see why I can’t continue to climb and also be a successful lawyer at the same time. I don’t see why I can’t climb and have a family.  I don’t see why she wants me to completely stop doing something I enjoy so much.

No matter what, I will continue to pursue the activities I love.  If that means climbing mountains when my mom doesn’t approve, then so be it.  Life is too short!!


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