NFL Sunday

The Seahawks had me nervous the entire game today. In the first half, it was looking like a repeat of the dismal performance of two weeks ago, but the Seahawks pulled it together in the 3rd quarter. Just when I thought they were about to wrap it up, a fumble, and the Rams take the lead in a flash with less than 2 minutes to go. Fortunately, Hasselbeck moved the ball fast and Josh Brown pulled it out with a 54 yard field goal as time expired. It was nice to see Deion Branch have a huge impact, but the Seahawks need a consistent running attack. Mo Maurice looked better in the second half (aside from his fumble), so I hope he can take that away. However, we really need Shaun Alexander back, preferably in the MVP form he was in last year (or at least better than the first few weeks of this season). NFL Sunday is always fun and I enjoyed keeping track of the other games and watching highlights.

Today I got out for a run as I had hoped. I did the Dish loop in unflattering time. The total run was the usual 46 minutes, but I covered a little less ground overall than usual for that run. The reason: I had not run in over a week due to a strain of a stabilizer ligament above my ankle. The ligament felt fine, but the muscles near my shins tightened up for some reason and I had to basically jog down the hills. Ah, the joys of running! A sport where little nagging pains can come up at any time. The muscles loosened up toward the latter stages of the run and I hope it won’t bother me once I get back in the running routine. Runs like today make me appreciate the times when you can go out and run hard while not having any pains and finishing feeling great. After the run, I went over to Arrillaga gym to work back muscles. I felt pretty good at the gym.


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