Flyback Update II

It’s been a busy last few days, but I am now finished with my Seattle callback interviews. I visited some great firms and met some great people. I also ate out at some great spots in Seattle, including the Metropolitan Grill twice. Once I had some steaks and the second time I went for the salmon. It was nice to finally eat at one of Seattle’s most famous restaurants, and two days in a row was almost over the top! While I am from the Seattle area, I have never really been to the city often, but after this weeks tour, I know the streets and skyscrapers inside and out! Now it’s time to wait and see who will offer me a summer associate position.

Tomorrow I fly back to Stanford where plenty of work awaits me for the weekend. It’s definitely time to start cranking up the reading, assignments, and studying for a midterm which is next Thursday. I’m going to see if I can get some work done tomorrow morning before I take off and I will definitely tap into some reading on the flight.

By the way, the weather this week has been ridiculous by Seattle October standards. It’s been clear and near 70 degrees every day. Today, Seattle broke a record from 1964 as the temperature rose to 72 degrees! The mountains are completely bare now and the forecast is not promising for a big snow year, but I am hoping for at least some quality ski days over winter break.


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