Flyback Week Update

I’m in Seattle right now enjoying the flyback week. I had some interviews on Friday, but the real fun starts next Tuesday and continues into Thursday when I am basically booked all day. Until then, I plan on relaxing some more and getting some reading and homework done.

I visited my sister and my niece, Tamar, in Maple Valley today. Tamar is just over 6 weeks old and is doing great; a very cute baby I might add. We had a great lunch and I got to watch their jet black German Shepherd dog retrieve volleyballs and sticks from Lake Wilderness. That dog is quite the swimmer!!

I had grand plans for running and climbing this week, but they faded when I was running on Friday afternoon. After seven quick miles, a stabilizer ligament above my ankle somehow strained and I am dealing with the repercussions as I write. I am taking care of it with an herbal patch that works really well, but running will have to wait a couple days.


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