Tomorrow I fly up to Seattle for a week of callback interviews, relaxation, fun, and some law reading. It should be fun to spend some time at home during the fall. It has been 5 years since I have been in Seattle between September and December! It will not be a hectic-free week as I have six interviews lined up at various points during my stay, but interviewing is kinda fun.

Exercise: I ran the Dish yesterday and Oak Creek run today. The Dish run yesterday (usual 46 minute) was a bit more windy than I would like, but I felt pretty good and really picked it up on the part after finishing the hills (I guess the wind was behind me at that point). Today I managed to squeeze in a run between Corporations and Patents. The Intellectual Property marathon that spans my Wednesday afternoon and evening was fun. IP for strategy companies featured a patent licence negotiation session over some pizza. I decide negotiation and deal making is some fun stuff; especially when large sums of $$$ are involved!

Tomorrow is going to be another busy one with class starting at 8 am and wrapping up with Trademark class until 3:45 pm. Then, it’s time to catch a taxi to take me to the airport and fly out Seattle.

Mountaintop removal

You need to click to view the large version of this photo and clearly see what mountaintop removal looks like – you will agree it is devastating for the environment.
Photo by Vivian Stockman, Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition, May 20, 2003


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