This and that

A long day of classes started at 8 am this morning. Fortunately, they still had the free tea service going and I two-fisted some Numi Jasmine Green Tea that did the waking-up job. A firm graciously provided a fajita buffet lunch that was delicious. Let’s just say I had my fair share.

After Trademark class and further digestion, I went out for a run of the Dish. The lunch provided BIG TIME energy and I felt really good on the run. I went gate-to-gate at the Dish in 21:15, but the important part is I felt good doing it. A sub 20 minute effort on the Dish loop is very feasible, but I would definitely have to be gunning for it from the start. Anyway, after the run I went to Arrillaga gym and worked back muscles. I started out sluggish, but woke up by the middle of the weightlifting. By the time I arrived back home, I was satisfied with the exercise effort for the day 🙂 . Tomorrow I will do the Oak Creek run if my legs feel up to it.

Tomorrow I have my last interview for the on-campus interview program, which officially ends tomorrow. I may try and add myself to another interview tomorrow morning because once I get the suit on, the interviews are kinda fun. Right now, I’ve got additional interviews scheduled with one firm in Palo Alto and four firms in Seattle. I have not heard from a ton of places I interviewed, but at this point I am not holding out too much hope for them. However, I am happy with the selection of callback interviews, which include my top targets anyways. At this point, if I get more callbacks – great; if not – I think I’ll be fine. I am super pumped to head back home to Sammamish for the flyback week October 5-13.


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