Coal Mining

It’s set! Mark and I will be writing our research paper for the Lawyering for Social Change course on litigation associated with the environmental harms of coal mining. The practice of “mountaintop removal” of coal mines in the Appalachian mountains destroys landscapes, obliterates forests, and pollutes streams. The fight to protect the Appalachian Mountains is arduous and ongoing, as environmentalists face a well-funded lobby of coal miners and the energy industry. We will focus on a series of cases and individual lawyers who have spearheaded the effort to regulate coal mining. This topic promises to be fascinating and I am excited to start the research!

Mountaintop removal

Photo: The horrible practice known as mountaintop removal that is commonly used by coal mining operations in the Appalachians.
Photo by Vivian Stockman, Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition, May 20, 2003

Otherwise, today was a long day with class past 7:15 pm (we ran over). The class were interesting and I managed to lift weights at Arrillaga during the two-hour lunch break. I mainly worked shoulders. Tomorrow I plan on running and then working back muscles at the gym. As it stands right now, I do not have class Monday. Coupled with my usual day-off Friday, I’ve got a four-day weekend on tap! What does this mean for me? Lots of exercising and resting in between 🙂


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